Trail Rides

Trail Ride Details

Guided Trail Rides

  • We offer guided trail rides on Friday and Saturday


Unguided Trail Rides

  • Feel free to roam the park at your leisure

Easy Trail Rides

Easy Trails

  • Easy: Trails range from core roads to winding trails with small rocks, washouts and a little mud. Perfect for stock vehicles and drivers with no experience. Note: Vehicle must have a functioning low-range transfer case

MEdium Trail Rides

Medium Trails

  • Slightly more challenging trails with some rocks, washouts, hill climbs, mud and off-camber. Drivers with some off-roading experience and slightly modified vehicles with tires 31″+.

Medium Hard Trail Rides

Medium Hard

  • Trails have medium rocks, steeper hills, ledges, washouts, mud, off-camber. Vehicles have tires 33″+, locker(s), winch, skid plates and experienced drivers.

Hard Trail Rides


  • Hard: Trails have large rocks, steep hill climbs, technical rock crawls, deeper mud, large ledges with vehicle damage more likely. Vehicles should have tires 35″+, lockers, skid plates, winch and drivers with a lots of experience.

Extreme Trail Rides


  • Buggies and highly-modified, non-street legal vehicles. High probability of vehicle damage.

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